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From Kyoko

This is about my American friend. He is a manager at Boeing, one of the most famous companies in the world. I met him several months ago, at an English discussion meeting. I didn't have chance to talk to him during the discussion. After the event, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant with the members of the English club. After eating and drinking there, we walked together to the station talking a lot. I was immediately charmed by his character.
Since I was interested in business matters, I asked him how he establishes good relationships with his coworkers as a manager. Thinking about the fact that he is the manager of many branches of his company, it may not be easy to adjust to the local environment and its culture. He said “Once we master the rules of business, management is not difficult. We must put the right man in the right place. Watching people closely and estimating the workers’ ability and performance properly is important.”
He then proceeded with an interesting story. At one of the branches of Boeing, he used to be a boss of many local people who were not Americans. When he was transferred to another branch, a local person replaced him as manager. After a while, the workers started to demand that he return to replace the new manager. He said they liked him because he used to bake muffins for them every morning. He jokingly said that the rules of management are very simple.
The other day, we talked about the American president Donald Trump. He is viewed as a representative of rude and aggressive men. However, we should not fail to see the facts of the matter. Racial problems became more serious under the Obama administration. The news media often manipulates the facts for their benefit. Main stream media does not always report news correctly. Reading a lot of books is one of the best ways to make us think. We must cultivate logical thinking and see the matter objectively to make good decisions. Trump seems too aggressive, but he was elected by the American people. We must think about why he was chosen. These are some of the sensitive matters that we also talked about.
He is going to return to Seattle with his subordinate who is an excellent engineer after this one-year special assignment in Japan. He taught me English and treated me nicely. I asked him how I can return the favor. He replied, “Help people in need and pay it forward!”