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My Parent's visit

Recently, my parents came to Nagoya to visit me for the third time since I've been living here. They stayed with me in my one-bedroom apartment for two weeks, needless to say it was very cozy. I usually see my parents once a year, so I forget about their quirks and foibles. Staying with them in such close proximity always brings back a rush of nostalgia from my youth. Some good, and some bad.
The good is that, luckily for me, my parents are very loving and generous. I always receive some kind of gift, and they try their best to pay for everything (I have to step in at times here however.). In addition, they are both excellent cooks and insist on making me some of my favourite dishes in my small kitchen. This visit my mum made me pancakes one morning, and her cassoulet one evening. A delicious French stew made with beans and pork belly that is cooked for hours. The smell alone makes me ravenous.
The bad is my mum's incessant cleaning, although this has greatly improved since my youth. She still insisted on constantly running my shaky washing machine though. For my dad, it's his planning. This hasn't changed. I love spending time with my dad, unless we are travelling somewhere. When travelling he loves to take control, even though he can't read any of the signs here in Japan, he was still adamant he knew exactly where he was going! I have learned to just let him lead the way. Lastly, it's me. Maybe I'm just not very mature yet, but when I'm with my parents I still feel like a child. Perhaps this changes with age...
We had a great trip together, visiting Hiroshima and Nara, and of course eating all of the best food Japan has to offer. I can't wait to see them again at Christmas. However, before that, as a bit of a surprise visit, my brother is coming to see me in November. He is only staying a week, but I'm already anticipating his quirks. This means stocking up on beer and savory snacks to keep him occupied. He also snores really loudly but I haven't found a solution for this yet, I'll probably just have to endure that one. Nobody is perfect but they are my family and I will always welcome them with open arms, just as they would for me.